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LThe cat's diet must be balanced in order to meet its nutritional needs. Focusing on a home-cooked diet, with meals prepared by yourself, on the one hand is a good thing as you can personally check the quality of the products, but on the other hand there is the risk of nutritional imbalances since it is not easy to dose and vary the ingredients in order to give the cat the nutrients it needs. For this reason, I recommend opting for pre-packaged foods by choosing an excellent quality brand to encourage the growth of the kitten and avoid problems and pathologies related to food shortages and obesity. There is a huge range of packaged products aimed at satisfying the needs of both healthy cats and those with particular pathologies. The croquettes must be the main basis of the diet, you can give a couple of teaspoons of wet once or twice a day, always much appreciated by the cat but with a composition that is generally not suitable for a diet based only on this type of food . If you change the type of feed, it is advisable to do it gradually, mixing the new food with the old one in increasing quantities until it is completely replaced. It is important to always leave a bowl of fresh water available for the cat.
To prevent hairballs from forming, it is recommended to give the cat a specific anti-bolt malt paste once a week (during moulting periods, even 3 times a week).

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