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race, to find their 4-legged life partner at our kennel who will be able to steal their heart with the infinite sweetness of which only a Scottish is capable 

The cats that have given life to our kennel come in turn from selected and certified national and international farms, grow up in the family, cared for with love and in contact with other animals, all rigorously subjected to accurate and periodic health checks.

They are all FIV, FELV, PKD and HCM tested to ensure puppies are in excellent health.

The intent to which we dedicate our passion is to give birth and raise puppies selected for standard, health and breed characteristics in a small family breeding.

With our daily and loving commitment we try to be able to give the possibility to all the people who love this 

The breeding


The race

In 1961, in Scotland, the pastor William Ross and his wife Mary, from the town of Tayside, both passionate cat lovers, noticed a white cat, Susie, with folded ears who lived on the nearby farm.

At the age of two...


When we talk about British or Scottish, many initially think of the classic blue or other very popular colors such as lilac, chocolate, cream,  red, etc.
However, there are other colors…


The cat's diet must be balanced in order to meet its nutritional needs. Focus on home-cooked meals, with meals prepared by yourself…

Small Title



The puppy of your dreams is waiting for you, but first it is important to know and visit the kennel and its conditions and to know the puppy's parents and their history. The puppy must be used to socialization, the scratching post and the litter box…

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