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General Appearance

TAll kittens, the result of mating a Scottish Fold with  a Scottish Straight or with a British, are born with straight ears and only between the third and fourth week, the puppies possess the gene Fd (fold), will begin to show the outer edge of the ears near the base crinkled in such a way as to allow the tip to fold forward thus revealing the characteristic fold.

Robust and round in appearance, it has a medium bone structure covered by good musculature. Its ears, folded forward, give a rounded appearance to the head.

The large round eyes, with a very sweet appearance, also participate in this characteristic.

Sometimes the accentuated curve around the mouth gives the appearance of a smiling cat.

The Scottish Fold is a very affectionate big cat.

Its tail is tapered, of medium length, but always in proportion to the body. In choosing a Scottish Fold kitten, great care must be taken to verify that there are no defects causing poor health of the subject.

It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to the legs, there must be no hints of lack of mobility due to too short limbs; to the flexibility of the tail, this can be verified by running your hand, slightly curved, along the entire length of the tail, acting delicately.

If the tail has good flexibility, this bowing motion can be done without discomfort to the cat.

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