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Our Advice

Fabulous puppies

The puppy of your dreams is waiting for you, but first it is important to know and visit the kennel and its conditions and to know the puppy's parents and their history. The puppy must be used to socialization, the scratching post and the litter box.


Each mating is designed to obtain puppies with characteristics closer and closer to the top of the category. We study pedigrees and bloodlines in order to choose the best partners for our cats. We carefully avoid inbreeding in order to obtain puppies that are not only beautiful but also healthy and robust.


Our puppies cannot leave the kennel before 90 days. This is for both health and psychological reasons, in order to be introduced by expert hands to the presence of man and to coexistence with other animals. All our kittens spend hours and hours playing with each other and with us, in order to create a bridge suitable for balancing the habit between feline presence and human presence.


Don't be afraid to be alone. Our kittens remain part of us even when we entrust them to new families, you will always find us available for help or advice. If you want to share with us the growth of your cat through photos or videos we will be forever grateful.

Recommend at home

Before withdrawing the kitten, the new owner will have to prepare his new environment with everything he needed in the cattery: a nice scratching post where he can play and get his nails done, a litter box with litter for his needs, bowls for food, a bunk and some toys.
When the puppy arrives in his new home it is normal that he feels a little lost having just left his environment and his family, therefore it is necessary to give him time to explore the house and to settle in. For the first few days   I advise you to avoid handrailing the kitten, it is true that everyone enjoys holding it in your arms, but doing so creates additional stress. Even children must know that when their sleeping friend should not be disturbed, and even noises must be moderated in the first days of adaptation, it is better for children to interact under the supervision of an adult who explains what is right or not to do. The game is essential for a puppy, get him balls, canes, cloth mice, he loves to play and will establish an ever deeper bond with you.

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