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QWhen we speak of British or Scottish, many initially think of the classic blue or other very popular colors such as lilac, chocolate, cream, red, etc.
However, there are other really beautiful and particular colors: silver and golden which, to the inexperienced eye, might seem white and red with pigmented tips, but that's not the case at all !!!
Silver and golden are very rare colors due to particular genes that act on the color of the hair.
On this page I will explain some genetics regarding the coat colors of the cats I breed, and therefore also my favorites.
To better understand the silver and golden colors it is necessary, first of all, to understand the difference between a tabby cat and a solid one.
A tabby is a cat that has stripes on the coat produced by the action of the Agouti gene (indicated with "A"), the individual hairs are divided into light and dark bands. On the other hand, a solid (non-agouti) will not have tiger stripes and will be homogeneous in coloring from root to tip.
Specifically, the variety of British and Scottish silver and golden, bearers of the Agouti gene (therefore having a brindle coat), includes the tabby, the shaded and the shell/chinchilla described below.

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